This is the last domestic post – and only by special request. From here on in it will be the more serious subject of work.

I am living in a 2 bed roomed apartment which is very well designed as it has balconies off the 4 main rooms with French doors. This is great not only for giving some outdoor space overlooking mature trees but also to allow air flow as there is no air conditioning, I should probably add the flow of fine Afghan dust too. Internally it has just about everything you need although it is a bit mix and match and there is only one dinner plate. I have a king size bed with a basic sprung base but no mattress on top so not only hard but it is possible to wake up with springs imprinted in your backside. As there is no bedside light, the head torch has come in quite handy. In the absence of a mirror I find that the varnish on the wardrobe door works well and my appearance seems to have improved.

Alan the other VSO volunteer is being evicted from his flat in the office so will be moving into the second bedroom so I have been trying to make it as homely as possible and ensuring he has some clean linen, I found 2 sheets one orange and one blue with a brown pillow slip and even managed to mend the leg of the bed so that for now at least it doesn’t dip violently in the middle.

And as a gesture of friendship I am even going to let him have the one dinner plate.



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The balcony in the morning sunshine

The balcony in the morning sunshine