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IMG_2168 Having returned to UK via yet another ‘Stan’ this time Kazakhstan, you may be forgiven in thinking that the following photos of wild open spaces are telling that chapter of the story.  Actually this is Derbyshire – only 1 hour 30 minutes from home – but in its own way just as beautiful.  We grabbed an impromptu short break and as is so often the case with such things, it turned out really well with great accommodation, weather, countryside and walking.  For me the most astonishing thing is that after 11 years of living with ME the symptoms of sever fatigue which have restricted my walking have now improved to such an extent that I walked 22 miles over 2 days with no adverse affects. IMG_2171IMG_2161  On Wednesday I am moving on to my next volunteering placement, this time in Laos.  I will be away until just before Christmas and will be carrying out some organisational development work for a small NGO involved in young peoples education and development.  So plenty of material for blogs about Laos, the organisation, my work and travels, hope you come along for the ride. LaosONE1